Living bodies wither when the cells decay, but the soul is forever untethered. Dogmas advocated by the human mind is just a figment of what the soul believably conceals.
The story behind "Immortal" began with the unsettling question about what remains once the mortal elements decompose and disappear from the earth. At Department of Extremity, we believe it's the set of principles we live by, the very pillars of foundation that help us sail through this fcukin maze called life. Good or bad is unrelated here and by no means we claim to be the fcukin judge; but what's significant is whether we live life according to our own terms.
"Immortal" talks about the unwavering determination of the rebel psyche. Philosophies that drive the soul and will live forever in the 'not so feeble' human minds. It's freakin' unkillable!


The "Immortal" t-shirt celebrates the rebel spirit in all of us – the unwavering determination to live...
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