Sometime ago, there lived a man in the realm of a$$holes - Mr. ChoosAddict; i.e. CA in short Conventions so restricting that any step towards progress was deemed blasphemy in this realm. The bullish creatures of the a'hole society used their majestic bullcraps to throw him into the pit of darkness, which is apparently fill with more bullcraps.
Given the inescapable circumstances, Mr. CA was slowly consumed by the devil within who wanted to break free. It starting taking an edgy and vector based shape to corrode the surrounding pain without his knowledge. Meanwhile on one of those dark days, CA with a darkened soul decided to complete his course of darkness, and was standing at the gates of hell. While at it, he saw a small house at the dark end of the somewhere which had a signage that read - Department of Extremity. Boy, was our man haappy?! He saw a ray of something they call 'hope'.


The "PAINKILLER" design – ultimate expression of extreme resilience and a refusal to give in to life's hardships....
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